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nammy ccy

2019-05-10 15:32:45 | Profile
Life Anit Always Beautiful for me,no matter how hard I try,being Honest,Loyal,Respect,do Right towards Others,never treated the same in return,the road always ends up a Dead End,so its the End of my Road.PEACE OUT. KRRP

andy spence

2019-03-24 18:21:23 | Profile
Damn im so depressed.

Aaron Pinson

2018-10-19 21:45:00 | Profile
Totally understand ..My husband left this earth suddenly last year....Heart Broken Will never understand.. God has his plans..

Asmodeus k

2018-10-15 23:19:18 | Profile
Why does life always seem to pick on a select few? Id be ok with being just normal and not extraordinary.

Samuel Santos

2018-10-15 11:54:36 | Profile
Got to see him a couple of years ago, My first concert I went to with my Grandaughter.


2018-10-15 04:19:21 | Profile
So true today for me


2018-10-06 23:59:50 | Profile
Is this song a tribute to his wife ? beautiful piece of music.............

Nick Cross

2018-10-01 14:42:25 | Profile
This is one Country Singer that never got the credit he deserves

Mandy Rumaguera

2018-09-29 16:40:21 | Profile
My mom and my sister are in nursing homes and just broke up with the love of my life. This song really hits home. One hell of a year. But all I can do is keep moving forward.


2018-09-28 04:19:02 | Profile
a beautiful song so very true just lost my bro and its something we never expect to happen...RIP Cookie love ya my dear bro Up there with Odin now partying on and watching over me as always .

Jose Barrtino

2018-09-18 18:19:41 | Profile
The story of my life! Love me some Gary Allen